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 Single Sign On - secure password store

Single Sign On - secure password store

Jeg har nå laget et extended abstract. Dette er et utvidet sammendrag av forprosjektrapporten min. Hvis noen er interessert i hva oppgaven min handler om, kan dere lese denne. Ellers er forprosjektrapporten i sin helehet tilgjengelig i mappen forporsjektrapport under filarkiv i menyen.
Oppgavedefinisjonen i sin opprinnelige form. Hentet fra HiG sine sider:


Most users have to keep track of a large number of passwords. For most users it is difficult to remember a large number of passwords without having to write them down or use the same password or PIN in many applications. There are several SSO products available, but they all seem to be less than perfect. NISlab has developed a Bluetooth based device that fits in the USB port and can be configured as a wireless keyboard.


The student is to implement a JAVA MIDLET based password store and management system and an associated Bluetooth interface. The research challenge is to design a secure password store that is as close to the theoretically perfect user interface (e.g. # of keys to be pushed, training requirements, installation activities, etc).
Faculty contact Professor Einar Snekkenes
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